miércoles, 30 de junio de 2010

Lovers in Japan.

Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
Soldiers, you've got to soldier on
Sometimes even right is wrong

They are turning my head out
To see what I'm all about
Keeping my head down
To see what it feels like now
But I have no doubt

One day,we are gonna get out


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Javier Masa dijo...

perrangana, te quiero.

Loïc Laugier dijo...

Thank you so much for your comment !! Your pictures are wonderful too, I love it !

See you !

Loïc from : http://loic-laugier.blogspot.com/

Miqui Brightside dijo...

la canción es de... coldplay?

Claudia dijo...

gorgeous photos!
nice blog :)

Denise dijo...

Nice photos :)! That dress looks good on you.

Regan dijo...

When I read the title of this post, "lovers in Japan," I laugh out loud, because right now I'm listening to a song called that! haha, how funny. :) xoxo

johanna dijo...

Yes, I'm following
Oh and thank you so MUCH for your sweet comment, you're lovely. My exam was good, The photos doesn't appear. I will post another one in a minute =)
Keep following,
Ohh and don't forget to add me on facebook and twitter.
Love, johanna

I and As World dijo...

Que guapa, me encanta tu outfit :) xx

Anónimo dijo...

Incredible outfit!
love that song ;D
Please comment!

chelsea rebecca dijo...

LOVE your dress!
so stinking cute!

http://freshonpr.blogspot.com/ dijo...

great style..
love love love
Nicola freshONpr

http://freshonpr.blogspot.com/ dijo...

great style..
love love love
Nicola freshONpr

♥ myrrh goldframe ♥ dijo...

awesome photos. you got such a great hair. <3

Coffe at Morning dijo...

brutal outfit, amo la cancion ;)

xx, coffeatmorning.blogspot.com

johanna dijo...

Looove your dress

Charleston dijo...

love the exotic print, and you have a great looking friend might i add x


stylestalker dijo...

fabulous blog!

The Golden Water dijo...
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